Greetings from Shinjuku-Sakaezushi

The founder of Shinjuku-Sakaezushi, Senzo Kamata came to Tokyo for work in 1921.
When he went to see his palm reading, he found out that the job relating to water was
the best for him. He thought to open the ice store or to be a fishmonger.
Finally he decided to work at the fish store “Kanada-ya” in Denmacho, Yotsuya.
In October 1924, he opened the franchised fish store “Gyosen” on his own.
In the beginning of early 1930, he started to sell sushi as one piece by 3-sen which was
new business at that time and the store became popular and famous. Many students from
Waseda University near the store visited to eat sushi. He also started the performance
of cutting tuna in front of the store and sold its piece by low price. From the beginning
of 1930, we have been serving fresh, reasonable and delicious sashimi and sushi for
our guests for more than 90 years. We will always serve the best fresh sashimi to
our guests by the masters who have good eyes to select the best fishes from the fish market
at Toyosu. We hope our guests have the great time and enjoy Japanese genuine sushi and sashimi at our stores.

company history

October, 1924 open the franchised fish store Gyosen
the beginning of early 1930 open sushi store one piece by 3-sen, which became very popular and famous
World War Ⅱ
1947 restart the store with temporary shop
August, 10, 1951 build the two-storied building as a new store
November, 27, 1958 open Shinjuku-Sakaezushi main store
June, 1971 open Shinjuku-Sakaezushi west Shinjuku store
1977 open Shinjuku-Sakaezushi second west Shinjuku store
March, 1983 Reopen nishi-guchi store and the second nishi-guchi store in November
the end of August, 2015 close the second nishi-guchi store
April, 2014 rebuild the main store
October, 26, 2015 complete the construction of the main store
  • 昭和10年新宿栄寿司
    in 1935
  • 昭和26年新宿栄寿司
    in 1951
  • 昭和33年新宿栄寿司
    in 1958
  • 平成26年建て替え前の新宿栄寿司
    in 2014 before the rebuilding
  • 平成26年建て替え前の新宿栄寿司
    in 2014 before the rebuilding
  • 平成26年建て替え前の新宿栄寿司
    in 2014 before the rebuilding